"Zapato Amarillo" a small chalet with grass roof and wooden interior, set in a landscape of extraordinary beauty, where the discerning traveller may find a cozy place to rest tired feet, and savour oven-warm home-made bread and delicious Chilean fare. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the "Land of Blue Mirrors", so called for its innumerable lakes, reflecting snow-capped, elegant mountains, towering over lush native forest.

Our lodge is run by a Swiss-Chilean family, and located amid beautiful and peaceful countryside some 1½ miles from the picturesque town of Puerto Octay. We offer double & dormitory rooms, evening meals such as fresh salmon dishes, beef or lamb stews, vegetarian food and salads, as well as home-made "Puerto Octay" cheese fondue.

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One tourist one tree, in your name we plant native trees in protected areas, to compensate the CO2 footprint caused by our guests.
At these places you’ll get contact with local people, either by simply staying at the hostel or taking one of their excursions.
Hiking in the foothills of the Osorno Volcano, with spectacular views over Todos los Santos Lake and the Andes... see more