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A delightful day-trek around the majestic Osorno Volcano to the emerald-green lake of Todos los Santos.

The trip goes past single farmhouses to the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, on the north side of Volcan Osorno, to the upper end of the Rio Blanco valley. The beginning of the trek, a short uphill path, leads us high up through Southern beech forest, to a wonderful fleeting glimpse of the snow-covered Osorno Volcano, around the foot of which you will continue your trek. After about an hour you will reach a small pass, the highest point of the trek, located at an altitude of 3,500 feet. At this point the rocky “Cerro la Picada” can be viewed, to the north-east, whilst to the east the the heavily-glaciered Monte Tronador towers up at almost 10,500 feet. You will cross a wide lava field and will soon be presented with a wide view over lake Todos los Santos, one of the most beautiful lakes in Chile. The walk takes about 5 hours, the level of difficulty being “easy.


The ascent of Casablanca Volcano in Puyehue provides a beautiful walk through volcanic scenery to the peak of the volcano. The walk begins at an altitude of 1400 metres, crossing the Raihuen crater and ascending one side of the Casablanca, arriving at the peak after a walk of about two­and­a­half hours. Finally, the grand prize of the ascent comes into view: a spectacular panorama over the Andean Cordillera. The walk takes about 6 hours. The level of difficulty of the walk is “easy” to “intermediate”.

The Viewing Point of Cerro Samoso, Puyehue National Park.
A walk in the Valdivian forest, up to the viewing point of Samoso Hill, departing from the Santa Elvira section. This walk is not thoroughly signposted at the outset; however, the great attraction is to walk its pathways, enjoying the diversity of its native vegetation, and the ancient trees of its forests. At 1300 metres it is possible to admire from on high the amply canopy of its thousand­year­old trees, and, further on, the spectacular panorama over lakes Rupanco and Puyehue, to the Puntiagudo and Osorno volcanoes. The walk takes about 5 hours, there and back, the level of difficulty being “easy”.

By Scooter

Explore our spectacular surroundings in a different way.

A whole day’s excursion (approx. 228 kms), this is a route of fascinating scenic beauty, which is possible to appreciate more fully from the mountain itself , la Burbuja (the Osorno Volcano), continuing to the lake known as Todos los Santos, located alongside the Petrohue river, and following the road in the direction of Ralun, towards the Reloncavi fjord. Here we will take the time to enjoy the natural hot springs beside the Petrohue river.

A whole day, getting to know every corner of Lake Llanquihue, its rural and farming area, admiring, on route, the wild forests and lava fields, which are over 200 years old, and also a visit to the small towns of tourist and cultural interest, for example Puerto Varas and Frutillar. An excursion to view the German influence manifested in various architectural works, framed in the panoramic backdrop of volcanoes and lakes on view along the entire route.

By Car

Across The Coastal Cordillera to The Pacific Ocean

We now find ourselves in the Lake District, spanning the length of a great wooded coast facing the Pacific, where there stretches out before our eyes a sparsely populated area, difficult of access, and even, to this day, relatively unknown. Here we come upon a coast of luxuriant vegetation, cliffs with hidden bays, and beaches of fine sand framing the whole length of this setting.

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[ES] Compensación de la Huella de Carbono ocasionada por actividades turísticas, mediante plantación de árboles nativos.

[EN] One tourist one tree, in your name we plant native trees in protected areas, to compensate the CO2 footprint caused by our guests.

[DE] Ein Tourist ein Baum, um Ihren CO2 Ausstoss zu kompensieren, pflanzen wir für Sie einheimische Bäume in geschützten Gebieten.